Selling a house takes time. There are a lot of things that can go wrong during the process, causing the transaction to fall through. While you can’t predict every possibility, you can take steps to ensure that your house is as ready as it can be before you list it. Connect Electric brings you 10 things you should do before listing your home.

Give Your House a Deep Cleaning

Presentation is essential to selling your home. Potential buyers need to feel like they are walking into a pristine environment. Give your living space a deep cleaning. That includes out-of-the-way spots like inside closets or behind furniture.

Make sure every inch is tidy and ready for viewing because some buyers will dive deeper during the walkthrough.

Pack Up and Put Away

If you’re selling, then chances are you are already planning for a move. Pack up as much as you can. Remove personal objects like family photos. This allows buyers to envision the house as their own, rather than someone else’s.

Clutter can change the atmosphere in a room. Reduce clutter as much as possible so each floor feels open, organized, and ready to live in.

Repaint Interior Walls in Neutral Tones

A fresh coat of paint can invigorate any interior space. Repaint walls in neutral tones. These shades get the most mileage because they are versatile and less likely to put off buyers who are selective about color.

Simplify Your Home Décor

Keep your home décor as simple as possible. Adding a few fresh flowers is a nice touch but put other decorations away. This reduces clutter and allows interested buyers to see more of the area.

Remove Oversized Furniture

If any of your furniture is oversized or bulky, try to move it out before you sell. Remaining furnishings should look well-proportioned based on the size of the room.

Address Any Lingering Home Repairs

If you have any lingering home repairs, like a broken cabinet door or loose toilet handle, fix it. These little problems may not seem like a big deal, but they could send the wrong message to a buyer.

Weed the Garden and Add Landscaping

Weed gardens and add landscaping. You don’t have to spend a fortune but planting a few flowers or spreading some gravel can add curb appeal.

Upgrade Lighting as Needed

Lighting can make a room feel comfortable or uninviting. Make sure each room has adequate illumination based on its purpose. For example, the kitchen should be brighter because it is a workspace. The living room may need dimmer, warmer light to encourage relaxation.

Schedule a Home Inspection

A home inspection is a great way to uncover hidden problems or potential sales obstacles. Schedule one before you list your house so that you know what might come up.

Fix All Electricity Issues

If your home has any power issues, address them. This could range from simple fixes like a loose faceplate to more complex concerns like tripping breakers or buzzing sounds. An electrician can assess your home and advise you of any power-related problems.

A prepared home is more likely to entice offers. Give your property the best chance on the market by following these simple tips. Check out the Connect Electric website to learn more about using electricity at home.

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