Are you looking for a painting contractor? Hiring a painting contractor requires specific details. Save yourself from the frauds and hire a professional to do the job for you. Your list of priorities should include experience, license, insurance, and a trustworthy work setup.  You can refurbish your home after asking a few questions from the painting contractor.

Don’t be fooled by the face value of a company. The following questions will help you decide whether to hire a potential painting contractor or not.

Do you Have A License?

The first thing to inquire from a potential painting contractor is their license. Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can parade as a painter. Make sure you check the license yourself. A professional painting contractor will have a proper license. If you hire a painting contractor, you will have to pay up with a botched-up paint job in your home.

Do You Provide Insurance To Your Employees?

Most companies provide insurance for their employees. If you need to check whether a painting contractor provides insurance, ask the type of insurance and the duration of the insurance to give you a better idea of the insurance policy. If an employee suffers from a certain problem, you should know about it in advance to avoid any incident.

Do You Work With Sub Contractors Or Employees?

When companies hire subcontractors,  they are not responsible for the quality of the paint job. Ask the painting contractor whether their workers are employees or subcontractors. They might say they have their employees, but you will have to dig deeper to find out the truth. If the company takes responsibility for the workers then you can be sure that they have their employees.  

What Types of Material Do You Use?

The type of paint can either revamp your home or leave it looking worse than before. Discuss in detail the material that the painting contractor will be using. Ask them to explain the painting process and what will be the expected results. If you have an interior painting job done, you must be very careful about the type of material used. Find out the names of the paint and if the painting contractor refuses to give the name of the product, then look for another painting contractor.

How Do You Train Your Employees?

Inquiring about training employees is necessary. A properly trained painting professional will provide you with the best painting experience ever. Beware of the frauds trying to impersonate professional painters.

Don’t let anyone with a paintbrush and a uniform enter your home. Training programs range from an in-house training program to on-the-job training. If a painting contractor provides you with the details of the training program, you are in luck.

Can You Provide References?

A reliable painting contractor will provide you with a list of references. These references will often consist of former customers. Don’t hesitate to ask about references from your painting contractor. Check out the references by calling the people who have worked with the painting contractor you are about to hire. Ask them about the experience they had and are they satisfied with the final look. If you get positive feedback then you have found your painting contractor.

Is it Safe To Let Your Workers Inside My House?

Letting any painting contractor in your house can be dangerous. Always ask the painting contractors whether their employees have a criminal background or not. There have been several incidents where painters have robbed and even murdered the homeowners. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer then it’s time to move on to another painting contractor. You can also get a background check on your own by searching the names of the employees on the internet.

What Kind of Warranty Do You Offer?

Warranties that span over more than two years are a scam. If a company tells you that they are providing a lifetime warranty then they are lying. No paint job lasts more than two years. If a company offers a one-year warranty then it is good enough. Always remember to inquire about the funding of the warranty to ensure that you will get your money back if you don’t like the work.

Can I See A Recent Paint job?

A crucial question for any interior and exterior paint job is a request to see a recent paint job. Asking to see a recent paint job will help you gauge the exact look of your home after getting a fresh coat of paint.

Professional painting contractors have a portfolio prepared for such questions. Request a portfolio of their previous work. It should include paint jobs from the last six months and a few older ones. Compare and contrast the final look before you decide to hire a painting contractor.

What is your painting schedule?

When you have checked out all the other details, don’t forget to ask the most crucial question of them all. Inquiring about the timing of the paint job is necessary to make sure that your schedule syncs with that of the painting contractor. Factor in the rain and other weather elements if you are going for an exterior paint service.

Sunny days are ideal for a perfect coat of paint, provided you have hired a professional painting contractor and not a sham. If a painting contractor answers all of these questions, then you have found the perfect match. Make sure your tone remains polite to allow yourself some talking points. After all, you need to get all the information to choose the best one.

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